The Plastic Straw Monster

What’s the big deal about plastic waste? We know we have a problem with it, but why the need for people like me to keep harping on about it?  I believe, that if you want to create a miracle, you do what you can and you do it NOW! Then you repeat and before you know it, some truly astounding has been achieved.

The problem with plastics is that it has become such an integral part of our lives that often we use it without thinking about it, or it is so convenient and the alternatives seem too pricey for the average family to incorporate the change into their normal routines. This is where The Wheels of Change come in. If I can show and encourage you how to eliminate just one aspect of your plastic in your life and that change became permanent, it would be easier for you to move onto the next step, and so the wheel moves slowly forward, creating miracles in its path.

So for today, lets tackle the simple plastic straw.  Pledge today to refuse plastic straws from now on. It will take a while to get into the habit, but write a note on your hand if you have to. Instead of a straw, drink from a glass (you wont die), purchase paper straws or reusable stainless steel straws from The Wheels of Change store. (opening Friday)  These stainless steel straws are great and even come with brushes to clean them . Our ocean friends will thank you for your efforts. It’s not hard to do, please so pledge today and email me  or follow us on Facebook to let me know how you are doing.  I would love to hear from you.

Over the coming months we will tackle some of the biggest daily uses of plastic use in and around us and we will find ways to avoid the use and purchase of this monster. Remember, although cheap and plentiful, it is manufactured from crude oil, never breaks down and severely harms our planet, especially our oceans and ocean friends. The amount of plastic waste overflowing into oceans have reached epic crisis levels and we must make a concerted effort to find alternatives.

Good Luck and remember to let me know how you are doing. Share this post with your friends to get others in on the project . Together we can all make a real difference today.




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