Wheat Straw, Plastics Good Cousin!

Plastic is bad. We all know that, but there is so of it that much we depend on and it is overwhelming to even contemplate not having plastic around, especially in our kitchens. The good news is that there are alternatives one can slowly incorporate into our lives to replace plastics, from bamboo to hemp. Today we meet Plastic’s good cousin, Wheat Straw.

Wheat Straw, An Alternative to Plastics.

Collected from the waste by products of wheat, Rye and Barley farming, the chaff is used to make a plastic look-alike but with one major difference. Unlike plastics, wheat straw plastics are biodegradable!  They also use a much smaller carbon footprint to manufacture. They come in pretty pastel shades so are easy to distinguish from their ugly relatives, regular plastics.


The image shows some cute snack or sauce containers, but wheat straw products also come in plastic plates, tumblers and storage containers. Visit our store to see more products like this one. The kiddies car dinner plate is super cute!

Plastics, apart from the cost to the environment to manufacture, have caused an environmental disaster of epic proportions with huge gyros or garbage dump sites in the oceans. The impacts are far-reaching and, sadly, don’t garnish much attention as we go about our daily lives. The fact remains that plastic doesn’t decompose. It sits around and breaks into smaller pieces which are ingested by marine life. Even the polyester fibres in your clothes land up in the waterways and are ingested by the fish you eat. We need to make a change and we need to do it right now. Starting with the obvious, plastic straws, plates,  and storage containers. These are relative easy to replace in our lives if we are committed to making a change.

Wheat Straw, may be a little more expensive than cheap plastic products, but they are durable and attractive. It’s a small price to pay for trying to resuscitate a dying planet.  When we purchase these products, and see them in use on a daily basis, it reminds us to keep at it and we will think twice about discarding them needlessly.

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