Plastic Up Cycle Project

Right off the bat, I should tell you that I live in a tiny house. A boat in the Caribbean, to be precise, and I have been doing some little up cycle projects lately to use up some plastic bottles and to reuse some things I was about to throw out. Let me tell you how I made better use of my trash.

Milk Bottles! We don’t use these anymore. We found it more it more convenient and eco IMG_E5317 (1)friendly to use powered milk in a tin. But we did use plastic milk jugs, about one every two days and I hated to see them going into the trash, so I chopped the tops off and recovered them in an old fabric, dollar store table-cloth that was past its prime and headed for the dump. Now I have several of these scattered around my boat and they make great storage containers to stop things falling over when we are sailing.

I also had a fabric shower curtain and I loved the design on it and decided to make it into a handbag. This bag is lined and has three deep pockets and is super handy for my daily shore excursions. Sewing is not nearly as complicated as one would think and I simply followed a few You Tube videos. This pattern is from Debbie Shore on You Tube.  This sewing bug bit me bad and soon I was scrounging around for more things  to make with my scraps. The mini tote in the right image is super cute and was my first attempt at quilting. It’s made from fabric scraps and an old pillow case (lining and straps).



I have also made Shopping bags and peg bags, amongst other things and the thing that struck me most as I was making all this stuff was that this was fun!  I truly enjoyed making treasures out of my trash and there is enormous satisfaction in knowing that the these “ingredients” used to make my projects weren’t going to some landfill.

What have you made, reused or up cycled lately? I would love to know. Join me on Facebook and post there, email me at or simply comment below. It’s always helpful to me and others to share this post to encourage more people to rethink the way we waste and to find innovative ways to reuse our trash.  If you are looking for plastic free products to replace the staples in your home, take a look at the store where we add new items daily.  So with that been said, I am off to find more trash to rescue. See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Plastic Up Cycle Project

  1. You live on a boat in the Caribbean and you recycle? You’re fabulous! Also, if that is your first attempt at sewing and it looks that good, I have to hate you …just a little!

    1. Hahaha. Im old. I learnt to sew at school but never had time inclination while being an adult. Now I am retired, sort of, I thought i would try my hand at sewing. I found I have much more patience now 🙂

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