Living Big In A Tiny House

Whether you live in a tiny home in Toronto, travel the continent in an RV, or do as we did, cruised to the Caribbean in a sailboat, we have one thing in common. We love our tiny homes. The reasons for opting to live in a tiny home is as diverse as the people who chose to do it and I can only give my personal feelings on this somewhat bizarre way of living. One thing is certain, we don’t  live small. True our homes are tiny, but our world is enormous and our style of living is enriching, something you just don’t get, tied to a stationary dwelling in the suburbs. 

We live in on a sailboat in Antigua and hail from the Great Frozen North, Canada. We truly do live in paradise but this was not the reason we opted for this lifestyle. Part of the reason was my husband was retiring and I needed to give him something to do with his time. Sitting around all day, getting under my feet was a going to drive me insane. A sail boat is A LOT of work to maintain, but you can’t beat the surroundings and the weather that come with the chores. For me, there were ulterior motives.

I truly cannot abide staying in one place for too long and have seldom lived in one house for more than two years at a time. There is a gypsy gene in my soul. I have to be taking in new beautiful surroundings on a fairly regular basis. More than that, I feel we have made our lives unnecessarily stressful with modern-day lifestyles. There is a drive to look perfect, have the perfect job, perfect house, perfect family and so on. Technology

Living the Dream
Home in Caribbean Waters

develops in leaps and bounds and it’s hard to keep up. We work all day and then collapse in front of that idiot box, better known as television.  All this “living” make us use more stuff and we forget to appreciate the natural world around us. Some of us have never seen the natural beauty of our own countries, let alone what is out there. As a result we are naive in the damage our modern lifestyles are causing the planet. We know about it but feel helpless to prevent it. This bothers me a lot and that is my main motivation in choosing to live big in a small space. By reducing my carbon print, I could do my bit for my planet, but much more than that, it gives me the opportunity to write this blog and encourage others to be mindful of the waste we produce and to attempt to reduce their impact in this planet. 

We find that we have all we need, and that living on a small-scale really does make everything else so much bigger and awe-inspiring. We have no room for excess baggage, literally and figuratively. This means we buy only the food we need and will eat since our fridge is too small to hold much. The weather is always warm so clothing is minimal. as a result we have no need to buy clothes or do vast amounts of laundry. Although we do have a car, we only use it to go into the main city here once a week or so, so we use hardly any gas and our car expenses are fractional, compared to Canada. Entertainment usually involves gathering on shore with 


Backyard Sunsets

friends for a beach BBQ or sundown drinks at Happy Hour. It’s not only enough, it’s so much more than that. It fulfills you. You only think about the moment you’re in and you find yourself worrying so much less, unless you are worrying about your boat. We always worry about our boats, they always need attention – like a wayward toddler prone to the odd tantrum. 

Tree Carvings on the Beach

Last month, we returned to Canada for a necessary visit and one of our errands was to renew our prescription medications. The pharmacist told us flatly that we looked way too healthy and were to visit the doctor to see if we still needed them. He was right! My husband’s diabetic medication was halved and his hypertension medication was reduced a bit. I no longer need Thyroid medication for a severe Viatmin D deficiency I had.  

We are happier living a slower paced life, more relaxed, much healthier and we find our lives so much more meaningful. I can honestly say that we are richer for being enriched by this wonderful lifestyle, even though we have little money. Our relationships with ourselves and others are more genuine and meaningful because we have the time to fully appreciate our surroundings. The friends I have made on our journey are life long friends and even though we may have parted ways, they will always remain in our hearts. I hope we will cross paths again but I am grateful to have met them. Meanwhile we continue to make new friends.

In short, our lives have been expanded exponentially by leaving the big world we were accustomed to and learning to redefine what life is in a small space. Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean your life is cramped, but rather the opposite. The world is right outside on your doorstep. You only have to take that leap of faith to fully embrace the wonderful world we live in and must endeavour to preserve. 

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