About Me

My Name is Rose and I currently live on a boat in the Caribbean. Read more about why I live on a boat here.  Our boat is up for sale. Yer want it?  We have sailed from Ontario, Canada to Antigua and spent four years, one year in Antigua, living on a boat which we have loved for the most part.

Once the boat sells, we will be returning to Canada and will switch over to a land yacht (RV) since there are many things on my bucket list I still want to see and do that I cant do with a boat. Truth is, I get sea sick and have some anxiety issues about sailing and just don’t enjoy taking the boat out anymore. I love living on it, but being a foreigner, we have to leave every three months to renew our visa and that gets tiring and annoying after a while.

So while I still think plastic pollution is a huge deal and I will continue to strive to advocate for my marine buddies, I intend to do that from Terra Firma.  The more firma, the less terror! You can read more about what this blog is all about here.